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The Empire Strikes Back

It appears my comment regarding a recent New York Times article on "patent trolls" — and my suggestion that defense lawyers might be the major beneficiaries of the so-called "troll" problem —  has touched a nerve.   For some reason Mr. Guiliano takes me to task for simply accepting the figures provided in the article and … Continue Reading

Who’s Driving Up The Costs of Litigation? (Or, “Maybe The Recession’s Worse Than We Think!”)

As contingent-fee lawyers and supposed "patent trolls" to boot, my colleagues and I are blamed for many of the ills that plague society.  It is we — who do not get paid unless we are successful — who file merit-less cases, prolong litigation, waste resources, and cause innocent defendants to pay their lawyers upwards of … Continue Reading

Why Contingent Fees?

The questions often come up. Why should a lawyer take a case on a contingency? Why should a client seek or agree to a contingent fee arrangement? Don’t contingency cases promote frivolous litigation? Isn’t this just a form of ambulance chasing? To those who look down on the contingency fee lawyer I ask, “are you … Continue Reading