Well, well, well. After calling for “patent reform” and denouncing those who license patents without actually making a product, it seems Microsoft is hedging its bets. At least that’s how it appears to a cynic like me.

Oh, I get it. This is different. They are “providing technology,” while those who enforce patents without actually making a product are just “trolls.” Or is it that they’re “outsourcing [their] IP to those better equipped to exploit the relevant technologies” while little guys are just “abusing the patent system”? (I just can’t keep this straight.) Anyway, Mr. Gates didn’t get rich by being stupid. And any smart gambler looks for a hedge when he can get one. We’ll see how this plays out in Congress.

(Years ago, I was a partner in a very successful firm that made sure it supported BOTH candidates in each gubernatorial election. They weren’t idiots either.)